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Shipping from 14 Centres in 5 Countries including the UK

RodsImages website is now connected to my website on and has access to the largest print-on-demand fulfilment network in the world. Currently, this network has 14 manufacturing centres located in 5 countries. Each manufacturing centre can ship products to any destination in the world. When you place an order, it will automatically be routed to your nearest manufacturing centre. This will minimise the shipping costs and speed up the delivery times.

This print-on-demand fulfilment network has been created by The network and range of products, are part of a large expansion plan and has been achieved without any increase to the product prices. Fine Art is a company.

At present, the network has the following Centres: 1 in Canada, 8 in United States, 2 in United Kingdom, 1 in Europe and 2 in Australia. If you wish to check the location of Centres and products available, the following link is provided Print-On-Demand Centres.

For the UK, this will mean low delivery costs and no import taxes. Completed orders will ship to any address in the UK within one business day.


Key Features has an SSL Certificate, an "https://" address and the whole site is secure, so your interactions with the website are all encrypted.

The upgrade to make the whole website totally responsive has now been completed. This will benefit mobile users and make access from smartphones and tablets, much easier.

Cropping to Standard Sizes.
In addition to the Natural or uncropped sizes, the Prints can now be ordered Cropped to Standard sizes. Furthermore, you also have the option to select Vertical, Horizontal or Square orientation, regardless of the original format. This option will make easier to align several prints on your wall and you will also find it easier to order prints to fit your own frames. Not all the artwork is suitable for this, but much of it is. You can preview the results before deciding, it's up to you; your choice!

My Latest Work is now incorporated into the Shopping Facility page, using the default view i.e. "View All Images".

Image Licencing.
Many of my images are now available with Rights Managed Licences, suitable for Advertising, Merchandising, Packaging and Publishing. The list of Rights Managed Images will be gradually increased, but if you would like to licence one of my images which is not yet included, please send a request via my Contact page and indicate the type of usage required. If the content and suject of the image is suitable, I will then make it available.

A Currency Converter is available on the Shopping Facility page.

An integral Shopping Facility is included as an alternative, to allow all purchasing activity to be done from the one page. The default view on the Shopping Facility, also shows my Latest Work.

A World News and Information page is provided.

The whole website is free of Flash content.

All Photo Gallery images have a direct link to a matching high resolution photo on my personal website with which is partnered with Fine Art America. The museum-quality printing and framing, and also the shipping are all handled by Fine Art America. They provide a very high quality service, with wholesale priced frames and fast worldwide shipping. Purchases include a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied.

Orders may be placed online via the Pixels/Fine Art America secure website, using a credit card or PayPal and the orders ship within three business days, from the Fine Art America production facility nearest to the delivery address. Further details and expected delivery times, can be found on the Gallery pages.

Feature Photos

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>Common Cottongrass Seed-head by Rod Johnson

Common Cottongrass Seed-head (36901-RDA)


Photo Calendars

My Photo Calendars are unfortunately no longer available. These were produced and printed by RedBubble, but RedBubble have decided to discontinue the product.


>Overlooking Tintagel Haven by Rod Johnson

Beside Overlooking Tintagel Haven (51428-RDA)


Photo Subjects Available

Photos covering a wide range of subjects are available; these include:

  1. Animals
  2. Architectural Elements
  3. Replica Beacons
  4. Birds
  5. Black & White
  6. Boats & Ships
  7. Buildings
  8. Bridges
  9. Ancient Buildings
  10. Castles, Forts and Guns
  11. Churches
  12. Clocks & Sundials
  13. Coastal Scenes
  14. Collages
  15. Cornwall Scenes
  16. Crosses
  17. Derbyshire Landscapes
  18. Greeting Cards
  19. Isle of Wight Views
  20. Landscapes
  21. Lychgates
  22. Memorials Monuments & Statues
  23. Menorca
  24. Nature
  25. Plant Life
  26. Signs
  27. Sports and Hobbies
  28. Streetscapes
  29. Transport
  30. The Peak District
  31. War Memorials
  32. Water Wells, Fountains & Features
  33. Waterways
  34. Whitby UK Scenes
  35. Winter Scenes
  36. The Unusual

Ordering directly from the Gallery pages is now the easiest option, but to see a wider range of products and options, please visit my Online Stores page.


>Crossing The Ford At Sidmouth by Rod Johnson

Crossing The Ford At Sidmouth (55565-RDA)


Please feel free to browse on this site, or on any of my linked external sites. Should you have any questions or require more information on any aspect, please use the simple "Form" on the Contact Rod page, I'm always pleased to help.


Are you looking for a special gift for a relative or friend?   Something which will be treasured for many years to come!   A Fine Art Photograph may be just such a gift!   Please take a look and see.


All the photos shown on this website are low resolution images, this is for both security and speed of loading. These images are not indicative of the final quality. Any photos you purchase, will be produced, only from my high resolution images. You can therefore be assured of a high quality product from any image.



Please remember that all the text and images on this website are protected by copyright. I hope that you find something to your taste, and thank you for your visit; your interest is very much appreciated.

Rod Johnson


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