Shopping Facility

The default view on this page also shows my Latest Work.

The integral Shopping Facility is an alternative option for making purchases of the photos, artwork and phone cases on For your convenience, the complete ordering process can be done from this one page, or if you prefer, you can still go to the various gallery pages, where photo descriptions and technical details are available. You can then select an image and click on the "Buy/View" button which has a direct link my website on and the network of Fulfilment Centres. Please see the note below about the new Multiple Fulfilment Centres for orders to anywhere in the world.

The layout of the shopping cart is fairly self evident. The photos are initially displayed uncategorised, with the most recent showing first. There are numerous options to sort and select photos and products. Further options, including size, frame, mat, paper and finish, become available as you proceed. You can for example, easily select the available wall art, of a certain size, shape and colour to suit a space on your wall.

A currency option is located just below the CART symbol, and there is a stand-alone Currency Converter for your own calculations and convenience, near the bottom of this page. Language Translation options at the top of the page work too; and using either Search Box option, may also help you to find a particular photo!

My artwork is available here in the usual wall art print options and it is also available on iPhone Cases, Galaxy Cases, Home Decor, Bags, both Men's and Women's Clothing and Greeting Cards

New Feature

In addition to the Natural or uncropped sizes, Prints can now be ordered Cropped to Standard sizes. Furthermore, you also have the option to select Vertical, Horizontal or Square orientation, regardless of the original format. Not all the artwork is suitable for this, but much of it is. You can preview the results before deciding, it's up to you; your choice!


Shopping Facility


Currency Converter

The Currency Converter is provided by TransferMate and is free to use on web sites. This Currency Converter is made available here so that you can make your own approximate calculations before a purchase, if you wish. Because the actual currency conversions will be handled by Art America during the ordering process and not this Converter, the accuracy of the conversions with this converter cannot be guaranteed, but it should give you a good indication of the cost, and you can make you final decision later.

Multiple Fulfilment Centres

The latest advancement by is the creation of a network of Fulfilment Centres. Currently, this network which is now the largest print-on-demand fulfilment network in the world, has 14 manufacturing centres located in 5 countries. Each centre has been carefully chosen to ensure that all orders are printed and manufactured to the same highest quality possible. Each manufacturing centre can deliver products to any destination in the world. When you place an order, it will automatically be routed to your nearest manufacturing centre. This will minimise the shipping costs and speed up the delivery times. For the UK, this will mean low delivery costs and no import taxes on most products. Completed orders will ship to any address in the UK within one business day.

Print-On-Demand Centres

This print-on-demand fulfilment network has been created by The network and range of products are part of a large expansion plan which has been achieved without any increase to the print or product prices. Fine Art is a company. The current network has the following Centres: 1 in Canada, 8 in United States, 2 in United Kingdom, 1 in Europe and 2 in Australia. If you wish to check the location of Centres and products available, the above link is provided.

The orders are fulfilled by Art America, which is one of the largest and most respected custom framers in the world. The prints are of museum-quality and the expertly assembled frames, which are ready to hang, are produced at wholesale prices. The quality and prices of their frames just cannot be beaten.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase when it arrives, you may mail it back to Art America within 30 days, for a full refund of the purchase price. In the unlikely event that your purchase has a defect in quality, the outgoing and return shipping charges, will also be refunded.




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