Help & Tips on Using Rod's Images

Language Translation

To change the page/site text to a language of your choice, click on Select Language in the Google Translate, list box. As you click on other pages within this website, the translation will still be present.

To allow the Translator to work, you may need to enable Pop Ups on, (Advice on Pop Ups is given below). It is safe, to allow Pop Ups on this site.

To cancel the translation and revert to English, if you are viewing the first translated page, just click on the back button of your browser or device; otherwise if you have progressed through several pages, you can click on the "Original" button in the Google Translate Box.

Web Browsers and Pop Ups

The following is not a recommendation, but an insight into my own choices.

Although I use most of the available web browsers for testing purposes, my browser of choice is Google Chrome. I have this set as the default browser on each of my computers, laptop and smartphone.

Like most people I dislike Pop Ups on a web page, unless they provide a useful function. A Pop Up blocker can be used to manage them.

I use Better Pop Up Blocker which is very easy to use, it just requires an icon in the Address Bar to be clicked, to allow or block Pop Ups, for a particular website, this setting is then remembered by the extension. Alternatively, you can temporarily allow all Pop Ups, and click them off again when you have finished.

The Site Search

The site search, (At the top right, of every page), is a powerful feature for finding photos or other information, when the location is unknown. It will hopefully save you time, while looking through the site.

The site search takes advantage of the fact that this website is regularly indexed by Google, as well as by other search engines. It works in conjunction with Google search, so the results of your search query, will be displayed in a familiar Google search list.

When you select an item from the list, apart from the sponsored links, you will be returned to a page on this site. Please bear in mind, that the very latest additions to this site, may take two to three days, before being indexed.

To Use
This is a standard search tool, which most people will already be familiar with; but for completeness, guidance is given below.

First select the radio button, "Just this site", (this is normally already set by default). Then type your query into the box, and press "Enter" in the search box, or click on the "Go" button. You will then be presented with a Google search list to select from, as mentioned above.

The query can be a short phrase, or keywords separated by commas. To make the search more precise, the phrase or combination of keywords can be enclosed in quotes.

Another option is to search using the photo reference number. For example, if you are looking for a certain photo, such as "26193-RDA", which you may have taken note of from a previous visit to the site, just enter the reference number.

A search can also be made externally to the World Wide Web, just select the "WWW" radio button instead.

Buy Artwork Rolled in a Tube

This may be of particular interest to overseas buyers!

When making a purchase, consider selecting the optrion to have the artwork shipped, rolled in a tube, to save money on the International shipping charges. You can then arrange to have the artwork framed locally instead.


Should you wish to print any page of Rod's Images for you personal use, each page has been optimized for printing, using either Google Chrome, or Safari web browsers.


Other help items may be included, if requested!

Feature Photo

Click to enlarge!

>Rock Pool Fishing, Runswick Bay by Rod Johnson

Rock Pool Fishing, Runswick Bay (40752-RDA)

>Eastern Side Moorings, Ryde Harbour by Rod Johnson

Eastern Side Moorings, Ryde Harbour (32414-RDA)