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I'm a fine art photographer, based in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England. I'm currently specialising in Landscape, Nature and Architectural photography. My work includes images from a wide range of subjects and locations.


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Rod Johnson

After many years of general photography using film cameras, I changed to digital working in 2004. Now, I concentrate on the style of photography that I prefer, which is landscapes, coastal scenes, nature and architectural photography. Many of my photos feature water. While out shooting landscapes, I never miss an opportunity to capture nature or architectural subjects.

I like to be out in the countryside near to rivers or canals where there is a wonderful atmosphere and nearly always something of interest going on; but most of all I love to be beside, or in the ocean.

My main passion is photography, but occasionally I get the opportunity to swim or snorkel in the ocean and if I can combine that with under-water photography, then I'm extremely happy!

Please feel free to browse around this and my other websites. I'm adding new images very frequently to all the sites, and I have several new projects in progress, so there should always be something different to see.

I'm very grateful for your interest in my work, thank you for your visit and please call again soon. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.




Feature Photos

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>St Andrew's Church, Chale, Isle of Wight by Rod Johnson

St Andrew's Church, Chale, Isle of Wight (53638-RDA)


>Gateway On The Great Ridge by Rod Johnson

Gateway On The Great Ridge (34156-RDA)


>The Fish Quay, Whitby by Rod Johnson

The Fish Quay, Whitby (35991-RDW)

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Rod Johnson


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