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The photographs in this gallery are of sporting activities and include paragliding, fishing, rowing, flat green bowls and hobbies.

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>Paragliders Above  Mam Tor by Rod Johnson


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Paragliders Above Mam Tor

Paragliders flying above Mam Tor, near to Castleton in the Derbyshire Peak District of England. This shot was taken from just below the summit and it shows five paragliders in flight. Many more were there waiting, taking it in turn, to fly at this popular location.

Image Ref. 29646-RDA

>Wild Swimming In The River Trent by Rod Johnson


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Wild Swimming In The River Trent

The two people photographed, were wild swimming in the river, at Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England. I was at the river bank when they arrived, they waded in and set off, swimming upstream. I was there taking photos of damselflies and trying to shoot a large dragonfly, which would not settle long enough for me to focus on it. After about 30 minutes the couple returned and I had a chat with them. They said their swim was very refreshing, but it was hard going, while swimming against the strong current. It was a very hot day and I wished I could also have gone for a swim.

Image Ref. 42888-RDA

>Taking a Break From Fishing by Rod Johnson


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Taking a Break From Fishing

On a hot summer afternoon beside the river at Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England; the angler pictured, was reading a book while taking a break from fishing.

Image Ref. 42885-RDA

>Rowing Practice, near Branston by Rod Johnson


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Rowing Practice, near Branston

Young members of a local rowing club are are pictured practising on the River Trent, near to the golf club, at Branston in Staffordshire, England.

Image Ref. 16773-RDA

>Paraglider Close-up, Above Mam Tor by Rod Johnson


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Paraglider Close-up, Above Mam Tor

A close-up view of a paraglider pilot, flying past the summit of Mam Tor, near Castleton in Derbyshire, England.

Image Ref. 29692-RDB

>Paragliding off Mam Tor-01 by Rod Johnson


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Paragliding off Mam Tor-01

Paragliding off Mam Tor, near to Edale in Derbyshire, England. From a viewpoint at the summit of Mam Tor, the scene shows a view looking down on the paraglider, set against an aerial view of the Vale of Edale, and the village of Edale to the far left.

Image Ref. 29679-RDA

>Paraglider Landing Near Ilam by Rod Johnson


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Paraglider Landing Near Ilam

A paraglider landing on Bunster Hill, near Ilam in Staffordshire, England. After soaring and gliding above Bunster Hill for much of the day, this paraglider broke away from the others, after spotting what appeared to be his family on the ground. Then as he descended, the two little girls ran forward to greet him.

Image Ref. 30392-RDA

>Fishing Near Baslow Bridge by Rod Johnson


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Fishing Near Baslow Bridge

Through the central arch of the 17th century Baslow Bridge, can be seen two anglers enjoying a session of fly-fishing on the River Derwent. The location is Baslow in Derbyshire, England

Image Ref. 15894-RDA

>Flat Green Bowls at Tamworth by Rod Johnson


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Flat Green Bowls at Tamworth

A game of flat green bowls being played on the green at Tamworth Castle Grounds, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

Image Ref. 11315-RDA

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