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The Medieval Period or Middle Ages in Europe lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. This Gallery has been created to display a few items from this period.

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>The Pillory In Shanklin Old Village by Rod Johnson


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The Pillory In Shanklin Old Village

A view of the pillory in the Old Village of Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England. A pillory was a device used for punishment or public humiliation of petty criminals in Medieval times and was related to the Stocks. The pillory was constructed with a wooden or metal framework and had hinged wooden boards with holes for the head and hands. The offender would be forced to stand, bent forward with their head and hands through the holes when the boards were locked in place.

Pillories were often located in marketplaces, crossroads or other public places, to increase public visibility and for greater humiliation of the offender. The punishment would normally last for a few hours, but during that time the offender would be subjected to verbal abuse and could be pelted with rotten fruit or any dirty or dangerous objects. The pillory was finally abolished as a form of punishment in England and Wales in 1837.

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>The Brading Bull Ring by Rod Johnson


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The Brading Bull Ring

The Bull Ring which was used to tie up a bull whilst it was being baited by dogs. The iron bull ring was in use from the Middle Ages until 1820. It was previously set on a plinth in the centre of High Street, but is now located outside the new Town Hall, at Brading, Isle of Wight, England.

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>Stocks and Whipping Post, Brading by Rod Johnson


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Stocks and Whipping Post, Brading

The famous five-hole stocks and whipping post, in the Old Town Hall of Brading, Isle of Wight, England. This ancient building, believed to date from 1729, is now a museum and houses the Medieval items of public punishment on the ground floor. The last recorded use of the whipping post was in 1833; the stocks which are very unusual because they have five holes, were in use for several centuries, the earliest recorded use was in 1555.

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>Stone for Shutting off Two Horses, Broadway by Rod Johnson


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Stone for Shutting off Two Horses, Broadway

An ancient stone for shutting off two horses in the village of Broadway in Gloucestershire, England. The upright stone is set in the grass verge, beside the High Street and was possibly used by visitors, for tethering their horse. It bears the inscription, shut off two horses here. Broadway was once very busy with horse traffic, and it was also an important stagecoach stop between London and Worcester.

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