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A lychgate is a roofed porch-like structure over a gate, usually built of wood and sited at the entrance to the churchyard. Many were built in the 15th century. The lychgate provided a temporary shelter where the clergy met the corpse, to conducted part of the funeral service before burial. Other spellings of lychgate are lych gate, lichgate and lycugate. These lychgates are often very attractive structures and a few are included in this gallery.

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>Lych Gate to All Saints Church, Helmsley by Rod Johnson


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Lych Gate to All Saints Church, Helmsley

The lych gate to All Saints Church at Helmsley in North Yorkshire, England. The lych gate is situated towards the south of the church, on the corner of Church Street and the Market Place. It has a carved wooden arch structure, which is mounted on a stone base with wooden gates. The scene also includes the war memorial, the bell tower, the entrance porch and part of the churchyard.

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>Lychgate to St Blasius Church, Shanklin by Rod Johnson


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Lychgate to St Blasius Church, Shanklin

The Lychgate to St Blasius Church at Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England. This beautifully carved wooden structure on a stone base, dates from 1894 and is Grade II Listed. The gable has an iron bell at the rear and a decorative metal clock face, to the front. The lychgate was erected in memory of Francis White Popham, who was Lord of the Manor of Shanklin.

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>The Lych Gate, Repton Churchyard by Rod Johnson


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The Lych Gate, Repton Churchyard

A view of the elegant lych gate of Repton churchyard, at Repton in Derbyshire, England. The lych gate is dedicated to the memory of Rev'd A F E Forman (1850 - 1905) who was a master at Repton School for 30years. Through the lych gate, can be seen a glimpse of St Wystan's Church.

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>Lychgate of All Saints Church, Alrewas by Rod Johnson


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Lychgate of All Saints Church, Alrewas

The lychgate of All Saints Church at Alrewas in Staffordshire, England.

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>Lychgate to St Paul's Church, Scropton by Rod Johnson


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Lychgate to St Paul's Church, Scropton

The lychgate to St Paul's Church at Scropton in Derbyshire, England. The lychgate and churchyard walls are Grade II listed and were built in c. 1856 by Benjamin Ferrey.

Image Ref. 20769-RDA

>Lychgate to St Peter's Churchyard, Alton by Rod Johnson


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Lychgate to St Peter's Churchyard, Alton

The lychgate to St Peter's churchyard extension at Alton in Staffordshire, England. The lychgate is located across the road from the church at the junction of Town Head, High Street and Castle Road, it is also close to the War Memorial.

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