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Cornwall is the most westerly county of Great Britain and forms part of the south-west peninsula. Cornwall is probably best known for its long history of tin mining, which continued from the Middle Ages until the mid-19th century, when the tin mining industry began to decline. The countryside is dotted with the remains of old tin mines.

The coastline of Cornwall is long and varied, with many rugged areas and the county has a mild climate. The Cornish fishing industry is also in decline, but tourism is thriving.

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>Monolithic Stone Arch, Falmouth by Rod Johnson


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Monolithic Stone Arch, Falmouth

The monolithic stone arch pictured here, is just one of the many interesting features to be found in the Gyllyngdune Gardens at Falmouth in Cornwall, England. The tall flat-topped arch was erected on the high ground which overlooks Falmouth Bay. Little is known about the arch but it is likely that it was cut from a quarry which is now the lower part of the garden and it may have been erected some time after 1837 when the house was competed and before 1907 when the gardens were opened to the public.

Image Ref. 56604-RDA

>Porthleven Harbour and Slipway - #1 by Rod Johnson


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Porthleven Harbour and Slipway - #1

A bright and colourful scene of the harbour and slipway, framed by the harbour walls, at Porthleven in Cornwall, England. This view looking towards the harbour head, shows several small boats at their moorings and a boat which had just been launched from the slipway. Also included in this coastal scene, were a number of people sitting, relaxing in the sunshine and behind them was a variety of buildings.

Image Ref. 47927-RDA

>Gylly Beach View, Falmouth by Rod Johnson


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Gylly Beach View, Falmouth

A view from a position just above Gylly Beach at Falmouth in Cornwall, England. Gyllyngvase Beach is one of four beaches at Falmouth. This sandy beach is shown at its eastern end. Above it is a low cliff covered in flowers and on top of that is Cliff Road. The coastline sweeps round Falmouth Bay to the distant Pendennis Point and beyond that is a glimpse of Zone Point, which is the southern tip of the Roseland peninsula.

Image Ref. 46492-RDA

>Portreath Harbour Scene - #1 by Rod Johnson


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Portreath Harbour Scene - #1

A colourful view of Portreath Harbour in Cornwall, England. The scene shows several small boats at their moorings, the white painted modern homes along the quayside of Kingsley Terrace and behind them, the cottages of Harbour Terrace.

Image Ref. 47068-RDA

>Charlestown Beach and Polmear Island by Rod Johnson


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Charlestown Beach and Polmear Island

Charlestown beach looking towards Polmear Island at Charlestown in Cornwall, England. This stretch of south facing beach, also known as Polmear beach, is located just to the west of the harbour wall. The view here, from the mainly shingle beach, shows the cliffs leading to the headland of Polmear Point, Polmear Island and St Austell Bay.

Image Ref. 46542-RDA

>North Cliff and Parade Hill, Mousehole by Rod Johnson


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North Cliff and Parade Hill, Mousehole

A colourful scene of the harbour wall and buildings of the roads, North Cliff and the lower end of Parade Hill in the fishing port and village of Mousehole in Cornwall, England.

Image Ref. 57025-RDA

>Looking South West From Lizard Point by Rod Johnson


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Looking South West From Lizard Point

A rocky coastline view looking south west from Lizard Point, in Cornwall, England. The scene at Polpeor Cove, with Old Lizard Head to the right, shows some of the jagged rocks, both above and below the water surface which can be treacherous for boats and shipping.

Image Ref. 37525-RDA

>Above Porthleven Inner Harbour Entrance by Rod Johnson


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Above Porthleven Inner Harbour Entrance

A view along the top of the stone harbour walls and breakwater above the Inner harbour entrance at Porthleven in Cornwall. The scene shows a mooring rope leading to the harbour, two muzzle loading guns, one mounted on each side of the entrance, a row of cottages on Harbour Road and more buildings on the hilltop. The guns were salvaged from the wreck of HMS Anson and placed here for display purposes.

Image Ref. 47882-RDA

>Carrick Roads From Pendennis Point by Rod Johnson


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Carrick Roads From Pendennis Point

A view overlooking Carrick Roads from Pendennis Point at Falmouth in Cornwall, England. Carrick Roads is the name given to the sea lanes in the Fal Estuary. This scene includes a glimpse of Little Dennis Blockhouse at the bottom left, a boat underway making for Falmouth Bay, Black Rock, which is the main hazard to shipping, several yachts, and the coastline of the Roseland Peninsula close to St Anthony Head.

Image Ref. 39360-RDA

>Approaching St Mawes Pier and Harbour by Rod Johnson


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Approaching St Mawes Pier and Harbour

Approaching the stone pier and the harbour at St Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula of Cornwall, England. I captured the scene which shows several small boats moored along the quayside, while still aboard a ferry from Falmouth. The stone pier was built in 1536, but it was not until the St Mawes Pier & Harbour Company was formed in 1854 and an act of parliament, which then allowed the development of the pier and deepening of the harbour.

Image Ref. 38588-RDA

>Offshore Rocks Around Old Lizard Head by Rod Johnson


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Offshore Rocks Around Old Lizard Head

A view to the west of Polpeor Cove at Lizard Point, Cornwall, England. The scene shows a few of the treacherous jagged offshore rocks around Old Lizard Head, which is pictured to the right.

Image Ref. 37533-RDA

>Overlooking Tintagel Haven by Rod Johnson


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Overlooking Tintagel Haven

A picturesque view overlooking Tintagel Haven on the north west coast of Cornwall, England. This north facing cove has steep cliffs on both sides. The scene was captured from the westerly cliff, close to some of the Tintagel Castle remains and it shows the rocky easterly cliff which leads to Barras Nose. The swirling currents of the Atlantic Ocean on the incoming tide, added the splashes of white to the lovely ocean colours.

Image Ref. 51428-RDA

>Gunwalloe Fishing Cove by Rod Johnson


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Gunwalloe Fishing Cove

The beautiful and unspoilt Gunwalloe Fishing Cove in Cornwall, England. Fishing Cove has a west facing beach on the Lizard Peninsula and is near to Helston. This view is looking south towards Pedngwinian headland.

Image Ref. 52345-RDA

>Custom House Quay, Falmouth #1 by Rod Johnson


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Custom House Quay, Falmouth #1

A view of fishing boats at their moorings in Custom House Quay at Falmouth in Cornwall, England. The wider scene shows several vehicles on the quayside, a glimpse of the harbour, the distant coastline of Flushing and RFA Mounts Bay berthed at Duchy wharf.

Image Ref. 37472-RDA

>Smeaton's Pier and Lighthouse, St Ives by Rod Johnson


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Smeaton's Pier and Lighthouse, St Ives

An evening view of Smeaton's Pier and the harbour lighthouse at St Ives in Cornwall, England. The pier which was named after its architect John Smeaton, was constructed between 1767 and 1770 by Thomas Richardson.

In 1890, the pier was extended by a further 300 ft. which called for a new lighthouse to be built because the old lighthouse was then no longer at the end of the pier. The newer black and white painted cast iron lighthouse was manufactured by Stother and Pitt Ltd. in Bath, from a prefabricated design. The erection of this 32 ft. high lighthouse was also completed in 1890. Then following the success of this design, an identical lighthouse was built on the south breakwater at Mevagissey six years later.

Image Ref. 38878-RDA

>Gunwalloe Church Cove From The Shadows by Rod Johnson


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Gunwalloe Church Cove From The Shadows

A high contrast photo of Gunwalloe Church Cove on the west coast of Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, England. The scene, showing the sandy beach with a stream flowing across it and the distant cliff which were all bathed in bright sunlight. It was shot from the grounds of the church and had the branches of a pine tree encroaching on the left and the deep shadows cast by the low cliffs of Castle Mound on the right.

Image Ref. 52371-RDA

>St Michael's Mount, Looking West by Rod Johnson


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St Michael's Mount, Looking West

A view looking west to St Michael's Mount in Cornwall, England. This less common view of the Mount from Marazion, overlooks the rocky part of the beach where several rock pools were exposed at low tide. On the sandy part of the beach, a line of people walking to and from St Michael's Mount can just be seen and beyond the people is the distant coastline of Mounts Bay.

Image Ref. 47346-RDA

>Tintagel Haven by Rod Johnson


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Tintagel Haven

Tintagel Haven on the north coast of Cornwall, England. This view, looking down onto the haven, was captured from the remains of Tintagel Castle. The beautiful scene shows people walking on the beach, the rocky cliffs and a calm sea leading out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Image Ref. 51377-RDA

>The Free Basin, Falmouth by Rod Johnson


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The Free Basin, Falmouth

The free basin beside the Prince of Wales Pier at Falmouth in Cornwall, England. The basin has three sets of stone steps and a metal ladder attached to the side of the pier. The free basin is situated close to the town centre and is used for the mooring of small boats, it is shown here at high tide.

Image Ref. 41882-RDA

>Gunwalloe Church Cove Beach by Rod Johnson


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Gunwalloe Church Cove Beach

The lovely and secluded Gunwalloe Church Cove, near to Helston in Cornwall, England. Church Cove is situated on the west coast of the Lizard peninsular; it has a sand and pebble beach with rocky outcrops and a small church in the corner of the cove. Memories of smuggling at Gunwalloe have been revived by the filming here, of night-time ship wrecking scenes for the television series Poldark.

Image Ref. 52374-RDA

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