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This gallery is dedicated to castles, forts and various fortifications and defences. Photos of architectural features and the interiors will be included where they are available.

Guns and artillery will also be included.

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>Harbour Gun, Porhtleven by Rod Johnson


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Harbour Gun, Porhtleven

One of two guns on display at Porthleven in Cornwall, England. The muzzle loading guns are mounted on replica wooden carriages and are positioned close to the inner harbour entrance; the one pictured is on the Harbour Road side, of the harbour. Both guns have been recovered from the wreck of HMS Anson which was a 64-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy. The ship was launched in 1781 and was shipwrecked off Loe Bar, Cornwall in 1807. Captain Charles Lydiard and many of the crew lost their lives in the tragedy. HMS Anson was driven ashore by a gale, after both anchor cables had been snapped.

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>24-Pounder English Gun, St Mawes Castle by Rod Johnson


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24-Pounder English Gun, St Mawes Castle

A 24-pounder English Gun at St Mawes Castle in Cornwall, England. The cast iron, muzzle loading gun, was manufactured in the early 19th century and is mounted on a replica garrison carriage with cast iron trucks. This is one of five similar guns, which are on display at the western side of the castle grounds.

Image Ref. 38717-RDA

>The Keep, Peveril Castle by Rod Johnson


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The Keep, Peveril Castle

The Keep, Peveril Castle, which overlooks the village of Castleton in Derbyshire, England. This view shows the north eastern corner of the keep at the Norman castle. The square keep was built in 1174 on the orders of King Henry who reigned from 1154 to 1189. The keep was built on the highest point of the site which is a location of natural strength, with steep slopes on two sides and a dramatic gorge on the other side. Unusually, it was built from stone at the outset and it still stands at almost its original height. Peveril Castle is now an English Heritage property.

Image Ref. 39499-RDA

>East Bastion Gun, Carisbrooke Castle by Rod Johnson


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East Bastion Gun, Carisbrooke Castle

One of the muzzle-loading, East Bastion guns at Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England. Carisbrooke Castle was an up-to-date artillery fortress during the Elizabethan period. The defences included five arrowhead bastions, each with a gun battery. The gun is mounted on a replica carriage.

Image Ref. 31725-RDA

>The Gatehouse, Carisbrooke Castle by Rod Johnson


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The Gatehouse, Carisbrooke Castle

The Gatehouse to Carisbrooke Castle at Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, England. The medieval stone Gatehouse has been the main entrance to the castle for the last 900 years. It was well fortified with two cylindrical drum towers, gun ports and machicolations, and below the bridge are a bank and a ditch.

The first gatehouse was built in about 1100 and would have been constructed of timber. This had been replaced by a stone gatehouse with a drawbridge, by 1136. Further changes were made in 1272, 1336, 1380 and 1470. The castle is now in the care of English Heritage.

Image Ref. 31650-RDB

>9 inch Guns at The Needles Old Battery by Rod Johnson


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9 inch Guns at The Needles Old Battery

Two muzzle-loading 9 inch guns at the Needles Old Battery, above Alum Bay, Isle of Wight, England. These are two of the original six guns; they were recovered from Scratchell's Bay by the National Trust in 1983. The guns have been mounted on replica carriages in their original positions on the Parade Ground.

It was in 1873 that the guns were first installed at the Old Battery. The shells used in these guns weighed 256 lbs each and a team of 9 men was needed to load and fire each gun.

By 1903, the guns were no longer required and they were pushed over the cliffs into the sea, 3 into Alum Bay and 3 into Scratchell's Bay. An appeal has been setup to replace the badly corroded replica carriages.

Image Ref. 44177-RDA

>St Mawes Castle from the Ferry by Rod Johnson


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St Mawes Castle from the Ferry

St Mawes Castle at the southern tip of the Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall, England. This scene was captured south of Castle Point, on the approach to St Mawes, from onboard one of the Falmouth to St Mawes ferries.

The 400 years old castle is one of the best preserved of Henry VIII's coastal artillery forts. This castle, along with Pendennis Castle at Falmouth on the opposite headland, were built in the 1540s, to protect the vast waterway known as Carrick Roads.

Image Ref. 38577-RDA

>St Mawes Castle, Grand Sea Battery by Rod Johnson


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St Mawes Castle, Grand Sea Battery

The Grand Sea Battery of St Mawes Castle, St Mawes, Cornwall, England. Records indicate that the battery was rebuilt several times to cater for new threats, The current arrangements date from between 1850 and 1905. The gun displayed here, is mounted on a replica traversing platform.

Image Ref. 38702-RDA

>St Mawes Castle, East Side Bastion by Rod Johnson


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St Mawes Castle, East Side Bastion

St Mawes Castle in Cornwall, England. A view looking towards the east side bastion of this 400 year old Cornish fortress. St Mawes Castle, along with Pendennis Castle on the opposite shore at Falmouth, were built in the 1540s, to guard the entrance to Carrick Roads. Also pictured here is the lower, forward bastion on the left, the roof gun platform with the lookout turret above it, and on the right is the bridge.

Image Ref. 38694-RDA

>Freshwater Redoubt, IOW by Rod Johnson


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Freshwater Redoubt, IOW

Freshwater Redoubt, also called Fort Redoubt, at Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight, England. The Fort, constructed in 1855/56 had 6 guns to defend the bay and was protected by a dry ditch on its vulnerable side. It has been privately owned since 1928.

Image Ref. 25086-RDA

>Little Dennis Blockhouse, Falmouth by Rod Johnson


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Little Dennis Blockhouse, Falmouth

The Little Dennis Blockhouse, near Pendennis Point at Falmouth in Cornwall, England. This D-shaped blockhouse, or gun tower, was constructed around 1538-1539 and together with a similar one on the opposite headland at St Mawes, formed the earliest defence of the Fal Estuary.

The sea lanes in the estuary known as the Carrick Roads were of strategic importance and needed to be protected against the threat of invasion from France and Spain. The blockhouses, which had cannons mounted at several gun ports, were an interim defence measure ordered by Henry VIII, while the building of castles at Pendennis and St Mawes was being completed.

Image Ref. 39283-RDA

>Tamworth Castle by Rod Johnson


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Tamworth Castle

Tamworth Castle in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. This small motte-and-bailey castle was built by the Normans in the 11th century. It overlooks the Rivers Tame and Anker and is now one of the best preserved castles of its type in Britain.

Image Ref. 18836-RDA

>North Tower, Tutbury Castle by Rod Johnson


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North Tower, Tutbury Castle

A view of the North Tower section of the ruined medieval Tutbury Castle at Tutbury, Staffordshire, England.

Image Ref. 16843-RDA

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