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The photographs in this gallery include black and white, and also monochrome images of various categories.

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>Church Hollow, Godshill by Rod Johnson


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Church Hollow, Godshill

Church Hollow in the village of Godshill, Isle of Wight, England. This black and white view, at the junction of Church Hollow and High Street features two of the many cottage gift shops in the village. Many of the roofs are thatched as is the corner one pictured here. The picturesque village attracts a huge amount of visitors each year.

Image Ref. 33157-RDW

>Riverside Trees, Wolfscote Dale by Rod Johnson


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Riverside Trees, Wolfscote Dale

A black and white view of trees growing alongside the River Dove as the river winds its way through Wolfscote Dale in the Derbyshire, Peak District of England. In the calm water before the weir, the low December sunshine has made reflections of the brightly lit trees.

Image Ref. 39913-RDW

>The Fish Quay, Whitby by Rod Johnson


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The Fish Quay, Whitby

The Fish Quay at Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. This black and white scene in the Lower Harbour shows a variety of vessels which include, fishing boats, a lifeboat and yachts. The boats are moored along side the Fish Quay, and then behind the quay are the buildings of Pier Road. Above the buildings, is the West Cliff.

Image Ref. 35991-RDA

>Foggy Canal At Shobnall by Rod Johnson


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Foggy Canal At Shobnall

A foggy and frosty scene along the Trent and Mersey Canal at Shobnall, Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, England. This view along the canal and tow-path, shows private gardens backing onto the canal on the left, weeping willows and other trees to the right and a narrow boat emerging from the fog.

Image Ref. 35285-RDW

>Frosty On Board Garden, Shobnall Marina by Rod Johnson


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Frosty On Board Garden, Shobnall Marina

A wintry scene on board a narrowboat at Shobnall Marina in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England. The garden on the bow of the boat, was in the form of potted shrubs. The plants were covered in frost and the canal water in the marina, had a light covering of ice, which enhanced the reflections.

Image Ref. 35298-RDW

>The Imposing East Cliff, Whitby by Rod Johnson


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The Imposing East Cliff, Whitby

An imposing view across the Lower Harbour, of the East Cliff at Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. This image in black and white, shows Tate Hill Sands and the cottages of Henrietta Street. Then on the clifftop are St Mary's Church and the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

Image Ref. 36022-RDW

>Boats at Fradley Junction by Rod Johnson


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Boats at Fradley Junction

Narrowboats at Fradley Junction, near Fradley in Staffordshire, England. This scene shows boats moored on the Trent and Mersey Canal. They are near to the actual junction with the Coventry Canal, which is indicated by the signpost beside the Swan Inn, on the left.

Image Ref. 30547-RDW

>Dead Tree Branches, Fradley Pool by Rod Johnson


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Dead Tree Branches, Fradley Pool

A monochrome study of partly submerged dead tree branches and their reflections, in Fradley Pool at Fradley in Staffordshire, England.

Image Ref. 30568-RDW

>Churchyard Memorial at Ashford-in-the-Water by Rod Johnson


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Churchyard Memorial at Ashford-in-the-Water

A tall memorial on a tiered pedestal, with a column, cross and a protective fence around it, in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church at Ashford-in-the-Water in Derbyshire, England.

Image Ref. 27643-RDW

>Close-up of Yacht near Lymington by Rod Johnson


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Close-up of Yacht near Lymington

A close-up photo of a yacht in the Solent, approaching Lymington Harbour in Hampshire, England. The yacht was under power and had just entered the narrow approach channel to Lymington Harbour. It was photographed from a passing ferry.

Image Ref. 23673-RDW

>Fere Mere at Monyash by Rod Johnson


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Fere Mere at Monyash

Fere Mere in the village of Monyash, Derbyshire, England. This scene overlooks the ancient mere or pond, which is now the only remaining one, of four. The mere, which is fed by a natural spring, provided the main water supply for the village up until the 20th century. The distant spire belongs to St Leonard's Church.

Image Ref. 21297-RDW

>Unmanned Railway Crossing at Hope by Rod Johnson


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Unmanned Railway Crossing at Hope

An unmanned railway crossing in the countryside near to the village of Hope in Derbyshire, England. This view looking west, shows where the public footpath across the Hope Valley towards Castleton, crosses a railway branch line to a cement works.

Image Ref. 30064-RDW

>The Wind-swept River Trent at Stapenhill by Rod Johnson


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The Wind-swept River Trent at Stapenhill

A wind-swept view across the River Trent at Stapenhill in Staffordshire, England; on a cold and dull morning at the end of summer.

Image Ref. 19998-RDW

>Pier End View, Skegness by Rod Johnson


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Pier End View, Skegness

People enjoying the view at the end of Skegness Pier at Skegness in Lincolnshire, England. On the horizon can be seen one of the North Sea offshore wind farms.

Image Ref. 20183-RDW

>The Promenade, Barton Marina by Rod Johnson


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The Promenade, Barton Marina

Barton Marina at Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire, England. This scene shows the promenade with its shops and pub, and a glimpse of the marina which can accommodate over 300 boats. The marina complex is one of several new attractions within the 200 square miles of National Forest, which covers parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire in the English Midlands.

Image Ref. 17198-RDW

>Bancroft Basin, Canal Lock by Rod Johnson


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Bancroft Basin, Canal Lock

A view of the lock on the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal between the River Avon and Bancroft Basin at Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England. The foot-bridge over the lock allows pedestrians to cross between the wharf and Bancroft Gardens.

Image Ref. 17990-RDW

>Bembridge Lifeboat Station from St Helens by Rod Johnson


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Bembridge Lifeboat Station from St Helens

A long distance view across St Helens Bay to the Lifeboat Station at Bembridge, Isle of Wight, England. With its strategic position on the Solent, which is one of the busiest shipping lanes, it is classified as a key Station by the RNLI.

Image Ref. 24598-RDW

>The Guildhall, Derby by Rod Johnson


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The Guildhall, Derby

The Guildhall in the Market Place at Derby in Derbyshire, England. This scene was captured from a viewpoint on top of the water feature.

Image Ref. 18135-RDW

>Watch Dogs by Rod Johnson


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Watch Dogs

Two dogs on a bridge watching the wintry scene near Shobnall Fields at Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, England. The dogs were crossing a foot-bridge above the frozen canal, but were stopped in their tracks, by an unusual event for this area. Children were sledging down a bank at the end of this bridge, in January 2010, which saw the worst winter for 120 years.

Image Ref. 22012-RDW

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