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This gallery displays images of water wells, drinking fountains, ornamental fountains, water features, water pumps and anything to do with drinking water or water displays.

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>Old Water Pump, Rhyl by Rod Johnson


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Old Water Pump, Rhyl

The old water trough and hand pump pictured, was located over a small pond beside the road and sea front at Rhyl in North Wales.

Image Ref. 13528-RDA

>Old Water Pump at Lizard, Cornwall by Rod Johnson


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Old Water Pump at Lizard, Cornwall

An old water pump on the roadside, towards the south of the village of Lizard in Cornwall, England. The cast iron pump, which was manufactured by a well known pump company, is partly enclosed by a stone wall. The pump looked to be in good condition, except for the broken handle.

Image Ref. 37501-RDA

>Main Well Dressing, Rowsley 2011 by Rod Johnson


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Main Well Dressing, Rowsley 2011

The Main Well dressing in the village of Rowsley in Derbyshire, England. This photo of the Main Well in Church Lane, was taken a few days after the event in June 2011, and shows a nativity scene. Well dressing is an ancient custom which is unique to Derbyshire, where in early summer, many water wells throughout the county are decorated with different pictures made from flowers and natural materials.

Image Ref. 28788-RDA

>Sheepwash Well, Ashford-in-the-Water by Rod Johnson


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Sheepwash Well, Ashford-in-the-Water

Sheepwash Well at Ashford-in-the-Water, in Derbyshire, England. This covered water well, stands on the corner of Church Street and Fennel Street and is also close to the famous Sheepwash Bridge. It is one six water wells, which are located around this Peak District village.

Image Ref. 31285-RDA

>Drinking Fountain, Bakewell by Rod Johnson


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Drinking Fountain, Bakewell

The drinking fountain at the junction of Baslow Road and Coombs Road at Bakewell in Derbyshire England. The Gothic style stone drinking fountain dated c1870, stands on a tiered base, and is surmounted by a street lamp.

Image Ref. 31356-RDA          

>Drinking Fountains For Sale, Broadway by Rod Johnson


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Drinking Fountains For Sale, Broadway

Two drinking fountains and two bird cages for sale; are pictured in the outdoor sales area of a shop in Broadway, Gloucestershire, England.

Image Ref. 30173-RDB          

>St Ann's Well, Buxton by Rod Johnson


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St Ann's Well, Buxton

St Ann's Well at Buxton in Derbyshire, England. Situated at the bottom of The Slopes and beside The Crescent, this well with its free flowing natural spring water, has people queuing up to use it throughout the day.

Image Ref. 26055-RDA

>Charity Wishing Shell, Shanklin by Rod Johnson


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Charity Wishing Shell, Shanklin

The Charity Wishing Shell in Shanklin Old Village, Isle of Wight, England. The winkle shell sculpture designed in 2006 by artist Dave Badman, guides coins into the well below. Monies collected, have been donated the the RNLI and other charities.

Image Ref. 25492-RDB

>Rectory Mansion and Hand Pump, Brading by Rod Johnson


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Rectory Mansion and Hand Pump, Brading

A view of a plaque and hand pump on the end wall of ye olde Rectory Mansion at Brading, Isle of Wight, England. This is believed to be the oldest building on the Island; the plaque indicates it was built in circa 1228.

Image Ref. 24951-RDA

>Water Feature, Derby by Rod Johnson


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Water Feature, Derby

This large water feature is a focal point of the, Irongate side, of the Market Place in Derby city centre, Derbyshire, England.

Image Ref. 18099-RDA

>Ticknall Village Water Tap by Rod Johnson


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Ticknall Village Water Tap

One of several old water taps to be found in the village. The cast iron taps were installed in 1914 and were part of the old water supply to the village. They were used until piped water was introduced in the 1950s. This one is located just off Main Street in Ticknall, Derbyshire, England.

Image Ref. 16954-RDA

>Hall Well, Tissington by Rod Johnson


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Hall Well, Tissington

The village of Tissington is famous for its annual well dressing. Pictured is one of the village's six wells. This one is called Hall Well. The location is Tissington in Derbysjhire, England.

Image Ref. 14572-RDB

>Fountain at Rhyl by Rod Johnson


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Fountain at Rhyl

This fountain is situated on the seafront at Rhyl in Denbighshire, North Wales.

Image Ref. 13524-RDA

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