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The landscape and architectural scenes in this gallery, specifically relate to the hamlet of Cotton, within the English County of Staffordshire.

The county of Staffordshire is located in the West Midlands region of England. The county town is Stafford and the largest city is Stoke-on-Trent. Part of the Peak District lies within the borders, to the north west, and to the south of the county, part of the National Forest is also included.

Page 2, is dedicated to the hamlet of Cotton, which is near to the Staffordshire village of Alton. Cotton is a tiny hamlet, set in a very attractive location, with most buildings located along a very narrow single track lane.

The south eastern end of the lane starts at the crossroads with Beelow Lane opposite and the junction is crossed by the B5417 road where Ye Olde Star Inn is located. From there, the winding tree-lined lane, takes one in a north westerly direction and passes by the Faber Catholic Primary School, St Wilfred's Church which was fenced off and was undergoing repairs, St John the Baptist Parish Church, two churchyards and two cemeteries, in the distance can be seen the derelict Cotton College which was also fenced off, a farm, several cottages and houses and lots of woodland which includes Star Wood and the Cotton Dell Nature Reserve.

After approximately two miles the lane passes through Upper Cotton, where there are several more cottages and a few farms. From Upper Cotton, the lane leads northwards to the main road, which is the A52.

This series of photos of Cotton was shot during two visits to the area in early 2010, at the request of a client in Florida, who had traced her husband's ancestors back to this area in the UK. The photos were placed temporarily, in an obscure folder on this website for selection by the client. Surprisingly, they have continued to be found by visitors and there has been a great deal of interest, on a weekly basis, ever since. So instead of being removed, they will be gradually transferred, to feature here in a properly designed gallery, where they will be available to everyone. The photos will be sorted, mainly into the order that I came upon the various subjects, while walking along Cotton Lane in a north westerly direction. The photos will be added gradually, when time permits.

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>Looking Down on Cotton, from Ribdon by Rod Johnson


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Looking Down on Cotton, from Ribdon

A view overlooking Cotton in Staffordshire, England. From a viewpoint high above on the B5417 road at Ribdon, the spire of St Wifrid's Roman Catholic Church and Cotton College are shown as the main features. The grasslands, a farm, woodland and the village of Whiston can be seen in the distance.

Image Ref. 22522-RDA

>Ye Olde Star Inn, Cotton by Rod Johnson


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Ye Olde Star Inn, Cotton

Ye Olde Star Inn at Cotton in Staffordshire, England. This delightful 16th century inn, is situated at Star Bank, beside the crossroads and start of Cotton Lane.

Image Ref. 22162-RDA

>Cotton Crossroads by Rod Johnson


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Cotton Crossroads

Cotton crossroads at Cotton in Staffordshire, England. This view shows the picturesque, south eastern entrance to Cotton Lane from the crossroads, adjoining the B5417 road.

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>Houses in Cotton Lane near to the Inn by Rod Johnson


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Houses in Cotton Lane near to the Inn

A landscape view of houses at the end of Cotton Lane, near to the inn at Cotton in Staffordshire, England.

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>Cotton Dell, Staffordshire by Rod Johnson


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Cotton Dell, Staffordshire

A view along the edge of Cotton Dell, in Cotton, Staffordshire, England. Cotton Dell is a nature reserve, located on the site of an ancient woodland, which has been continuously wooded for over 400 years.

Image Ref. 22544-RDA

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