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Technology & Programing

My Website & email are hosted by 1&1 Internet Ltd

Deciding which web host to use for this website was done before I even started to write the code for the site. For me, the decision was critical. I wanted the best; a reliable host which could cope with ever increasing band width requirements, provide all the tools I needed and provide hosting at a reasonable price. So after checking out the various hosting companies, the decision was easy, I chose the world's number one host; 1&1 Internet Ltd.


The following three applications have each been used during the developement of this website. Use of these applications was free of charge, so as a thank you to their respective authors, I provide these links.

PSPad is a freeware programmer's editor for use with Microsoft Windows operating systems. This small easy to use text and code editor has functions to rival the large professional products; but is free to use, even for commercial purposes.

SimpleViewer a fully customizable Flash image viewing application. It is lightweight and easy to use, features smart preloading, and has a resizable interface.

Easy Thumbnails is a free Windows utility for producing accurate thumbnail images. It can be used to scale up/down and covers a wide range of popular image formats.


General Interest

Mirror Cashback - closed on 31st October 2015. If you have any money owing to you, visit the site without delay and click on a link there, to claim your money.

Mirror Cashback is owned by MGN Ltd and is operated by V A C Media Ltd, which is the UK's largest cashback service provider. It is free to join and available to UK residents aged 18 or over. It provides links to over 2000 retailers, where cashback can be earned from online purchases, when visited from a link at the Mirror Cashback site. Special discounts and promotions are often available as well. If you sign up through my link here, it also, eventually helps me!

I make my own purchases through this site frequently. There are no catches and no charges. Get paid for things that you buy anyway. Once your earnings reach £25, the money is paid automatically into your bank account, a few days later. I have received several automatic payments and have never had a problem with Mirror Cashback.

Icon Converter is an icon search engine which helps you find free icons. They have the largest searchable free icons database in the world. Additional related Links: Telephone Icons Calendar Icons Setting Icons Animal Icons Google Icons



Truly superb photography by Harry Kikstra at Harry Kikstra has a very impressive list of achievements which include being: a climber, expedition leader, photographer, filmmaker, producer, writer, public speaker and cycler.


Are you an Artist or Photographer who might be interested in your own website?

My Artistwebsite is shown below, as an example.

Sell Art Online


Feature Photos

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>Misty River, Wolfscote Dale by Rod Johnson

Misty River, Wolfscote Dale (39934-RDA)


>St James' Church, Yarmouth by Rod Johnson

St James' Church, Yarmouth (32640-RDA)


>Fornells, Menorca by Rod Johnson

Fornells, Menorca (11552-RDA)


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