Gallery: Menorca

Cales Coves by Rod Johnson

Son Parc, Coves

A picturesque view of two of the many coves around this north-east coast resort. The yacht is at anchor in about 4m of water. I have been diving all around this cove. There are many submerged rocks, with some very shallow water, but which gets progressively deeper towards the open ocean. I imagine it would be difficult to safely navigate a boat in and out of. The location is Son Parc, Menorca, Spain

Camera: Sony DSC-V1 7.0-28.0mm @ 28.0mm
Shutter Speed: 1/250 second
Aperture: f/6.30
ISO Speed: 100
Date Taken: 10 Sep. 2004

Image Ref: 12131-RDA



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