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The Packet Service Memorial, Falmouth by Rod Johnson

The Packet Service Memorial, Falmouth

The Packet Service Memorial, located on a traffic island on Killigrew Street, Falmouth in Cornwall, England.

Packet ships were used by the Post Office to carry mail packets to and from British embassies, colonies and outpost around the World. The service operated from Falmouth, it started in Tudor times and ran until 1823 when the Admiralty took over the service. The vessels also carried passengers, private goods and bullion. Connecting with the service was a mail coach which ran between London and Falmouth.

Britain was at war for most of the 18th and 19th centuries, and because of this, the ships would sometimes get involved in naval engagements. A plaque on the memorial reads: Erected by public subscription A.D. 1898, to the Memory of the Gallant Officers and Men of H.M. Post Office Packet Service, sailing from Falmouth 1688-1852.

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Date Taken: 24 Jun. 2014

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