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St Peter's Bridge, Burton on Trent by Rod Johnson

St Peter's Bridge, Burton on Trent

A view along St Peter's Bridge which spans the River Trent and the Trent Washlands between Stapenhill and Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, England.

The bridge and viaduct was officially opened by Lynda Chalker M. P., the Minister of State for Transport, on 14th November 1985. It was built as an alternative river crossing to the heavily congested Burton Bridge. St Peter's Bridge was opened to the first vehicular traffic on 21st August 1985. A local family, Steve and Linda Fowler and their daughter Stacey were in the first car to cross the new bridge at 6.45am. They formed a queue behind the barriers at 9.30pm the night before and stayed in the car throughout the night.

The plans for a second river crossing were first drawn up 120 years earlier, around 1865. The bridge took 18 months to build, and cost £3.5 million, which was paid for by Staffordshire County Council.

Further information has been added to the above description, because of the huge interest in this particular photo.

Camera: Sony DSC-V1 7.0-28.0mm @ 7.0mm
Shutter Speed: 1/250 second
Aperture: f/6.30
ISO Speed: 100
Date Taken: 14 Jun. 2004

Image Ref: 11355-RDA



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