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Included here are photographs of rivers, canals, waterways and marinas. The photos depict the nature and surrounding landscapes of these waterways, they also show various activities which are carried out on the water.

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>West Lyn River Cascade, Lynmouth by Rod Johnson


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West Lyn River Cascade, Lynmouth

The cascading West Lyn River at Lynmouth in Devon, England. This scene was captured at the river's lower reaches just before it joins the East Lyn River. The backdrop of trees was intersected by a jet of water arching over the river.

Image Ref. 56057-RDA

>Kayaking Buddies, Stratford by Rod Johnson


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Kayaking Buddies, Stratford

A man and his dog kayaking on the River Avon at Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England.

Image Ref. 36768-RDA

>Along Barton Marina Promenade by Rod Johnson


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Along Barton Marina Promenade

Looking along the promenade at Barton Marina, Barton under Needwood in Staffordshire, England. This view along the promenade shows some of the shops, a cafe, people looking around, colourful planters and the pub and restaurant at the end. This very popular marina complex which has berths for over 300 narrowboats was built in 2001, it now also includes a cinema and restaurant and the site is still being expanded.

Image Ref. 55156-RDA

>River Derwent Weir, Baslow by Rod Johnson


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River Derwent Weir, Baslow

The River Derwent Weir in the village of Baslow, Derbyshire, England. This picturesque Peak District scene of the wide weir was captured looking through the trees, from a viewpoint on Baslow Bridge.

Image Ref. 41173-RDA

>Woodland River Scene, Wolfscote Dale by Rod Johnson


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Woodland River Scene, Wolfscote Dale

A tranquil woodland scene of the River Dove gently flowing through Wolfscote Dale, in Derbyshire, England. This beautiful Peak District landscape was enhanced by the dappled lighting and the numerous vivid reflections of tree trunks and foliage in the green looking water. The scene was completed by a line of low rocks forming a tiny weir and the water calmly easing over it.

Image Ref. 37278-RDA

>River Wye Weir, Bakewell by Rod Johnson


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River Wye Weir, Bakewell

A view across the River Wye weir at Bakewell in Derbyshire, England. The scene was captured from the riverside walk and shows the water flowing over the weir against a backdrop of trees. Canada Geese and ducks are hopefully waiting for food to wash down to them.

Image Ref. 31358-RDA

>Tree-lined, Swolen River Dove at Thorpe by Rod Johnson


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Tree-lined, Swolen River Dove at Thorpe

The swollen River Dove at Thorpe in Derbyshire, England. The fast flowing river was photographed through the arching tree branches, as it raced along a tree-lined stretch of the riverbank, just before it reached Coldwall Bridge.

Image Ref. 30942-RDA

>Barton Marina, Promenade by Rod Johnson


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Barton Marina, Promenade

A view along the promenade beside the Barton Marina at Barton under Needwood in Staffordshire, England. The marina which was built in 2001 and is linked to the Trent and Mersey Canal, has berths for over 300 narrowbooats. The site also has a pub, restaurant, shops and walks around the marina, lakes and woodlands.

Image Ref. 17197-RDA

>The River In Flood, Stapenhill Gardens by Rod Johnson


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The River In Flood, Stapenhill Gardens

The River Trent in flood as it raced past Stapenhill Gardens in Staffordshire, England. The scene was captured from a viewpoint underneath St Peter's Bridge. The river level had just receded after bursting its banks on the previous day, which is evident by puddle and mud on the footpath. Flooding in this area often occurs during the winter months, after prolonged heavy rainfall.Most of the swans preferred to graze on the grass bank rather than trying to cope with the fast flowing water. The black and white painted bridge upstream, is the Ferry Bridge.

Image Ref. 40022-RDA

>Trent and Mersey Canal, Branston by Rod Johnson


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Trent and Mersey Canal, Branston

The Trent and Mersey Canal at Branston in Staffordshire, England. From a viewpoint beside Branston Water Park entrance, the scene shows the curve of the canal and tow-path as far as the white-painted Bridge Inn. Two narrowboats were moored along this stretch and the bright sunshine produced colourful reflections in the water.

Image Ref. 40072-RDA

>A Weir Close-up in Wolfscote Dale by Rod Johnson


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Weir Close-up in Wolfscote Dale

A close-up view of water flowing over a weir in Wolfscote Dale, in the Derbyshire Peak District of England. This weir on the River Dove, is situated approximately half way along the dale. The river water is normally crystal clear, but here it was displaying a lot of colour after several days of heavy rainfall.

Image Ref. 39929-RDA

>The River and Weir, Dovedale by Rod Johnson


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The River and Weir, Dovedale

The Rive Dove, pictured here flowing over one of the weirs in Dovedale, Derbyshire, England. This dull scene was brightened by the the reflected afternoon sunshine on a corner of the water surface.

Image Ref. 39805-RDA

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